SOAR THROUGH THE SKY (Full Collection)

Embark on a journey of prosperity this lunar year with our newest collection!

(Collection1) - An Enchanting CHINESE DRAGON ZODIAC SERIES Launch
1. THE DRAGON” [Dragon + Cherry Blossoms Series]; in White/ Raspberry Pink/ Pastel. 
2. “SOAR THROUGH THE SKY” (Korean Dragon inspired)

(Collection 2) - A mixture of Floral, Peranakan tiles, and Fortune Cats series
1. "SAKURA- Emblem of Love" [Sakura series]
2. "LET YOURSELF BLOOM" [Magnolia series]
3. "Circle of Fortune" [Pineapple Tarts (in Peranakan Tiles)]
4. "Maneki Neko" [Fortune Cat]

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