Nian Nian You Yu (Red)-remaining 2


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Nian Nian You Yu (Red)-remaining 2
Nian Nian You Yu (Red)-remaining 2
Nian Nian You Yu (Red)-remaining 2
Nian Nian You Yu (Red)-remaining 2

Nian Nian You Yu (Red)

Together with Juneoesque. We explored the Chinese New Year greetings of “年年有余” - May Every year be abundant and “ 富貴有余” - Abundance of Wealth in this collection.

This design is adapted from Juneoesque 's artwork for the latest clothing design for the year 2022.

About Juneoesque
Juneoesque is a plus size fashion brand established in Singapore, started off with June’s passion for fashion with strong encouragements from customers on her fashion sense.Contrary to popular belief that there usually isn’t much options for plus size arena, Juneoesque aims to bring in diverse options at affordable price tags for the curvy community.

Each EM.MEzing Nails pack includes:

  • 12 Nail Polish Wraps
  • 1 Nail File
  • Application Instructions 
  • Removal Instructions 

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